Friends Sporting Club (FSC), Manchester was formed in 2005, when a few like-minded Malayalee friends, in and around Manchester, met up and decided to start playing cricket. We started playing every weekend with a tennis ball and the venue being Whitworth Park. The first ever match we played was with a team from Salford with a softball and we got hammered. But I still remember, how we went back and beat them in the next game!!



We are one of the most progressive club in Manchester with a steady rise in our stature and activities both in Sports as well in the Cultural and Philanthropic areas involving all communities.

We are now an integral part of the Greater Manchester Cricket League with 2 Senior and 2 Junior teams this season 2017. We host a regular Cricket Coaching Camp for the last 3 years which has given us many young talents and also host an All UK Badminton Tournament the past 4 years which has been very popular with Badminton enthusiasts.

Apart from sports, our Women’s wing organises many cultural events involving the club’s members and children thus providing avenues to showcase their talents. Our annual Awards Ceremony Nite is another stage for multi cultural activities with a Food Festival and Charity Event.

For all our efforts and good work we were given due recognition by been nominated and awarded with the Club of Year Awards by Manchester City Council and British Malayalee News Portal.

We are also indeed fortunate to have a few Sponsors who continue to help us through all our major events with their kind generosity and participation.


We are a club with great aspirations and ideas where every year we raise the bar for greater achievements and progress. All members then wholeheartedly strive to ensure the club achieves those targets fully.

Our next big goal is to have in the near future, our own premises with a clubhouse, ground and all other facilities to host in house multiple sports.